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Find whether the following sets are unifiable or not? If they are unifiable, find most general unifier (m.g.u.) otherwise give justification why they are not unifiable.

Updated: May 27

The given sets are as follows:

  • {S(x,Ram),S(y,Sita)}

  • {P(x,y),P(f(x),z),P(z,x)}

There are three conditions for unification of two sets:

  • Predicate symbol must be the same.

  • Number of arguments in both statements must be identical.

  • If two similar variables are present in the SAME expression, then unification fails.

The first set is non-unifiable because constants can never be unified.

In the second sentence, if we try to go for unification, we will end up with unifying x/f(x) which goes against the third rule. Hence, unification fails.

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