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Ads Policy

Last Updated: August 01 2023

Welcome to Crookshanks Academy! We're committed to providing high-quality, free educational content through our Netflix-styled courses. We believe in transparency and want to ensure a seamless experience for all our users. Below, you'll find our Ad Policy that outlines how advertisements are used on our website:

**1. Advertisements within Embedded YouTube Videos:**
- Our courses often feature embedded YouTube videos that are relevant to the course content. These videos may contain advertisements as they are directly hosted on YouTube.
- We do not control or benefit from the advertisements shown within these embedded YouTube videos. They are part of the original content provided by the video creators.
- While we strive to offer ad-free viewing experiences, please be aware that the YouTube videos themselves may display ads based on YouTube's policies.

**2. Ads on Crookshanks Academy:**
- We display minimal and carefully selected advertisements on our website, Crookshanks Academy, to support the maintenance and development of our free courses.
- These advertisements are compliant with Google AdSense policies and adhere to high-quality standards to ensure they are relevant and unobtrusive.

**3. User Experience:**
- We prioritize your learning experience and have designed our website to ensure that advertisements do not disrupt the educational content or your browsing experience.
- Advertisements are strategically placed to minimize any potential interference with your engagement on the site.

**4. Advertiser Relationships:**
- We maintain a strict separation between the advertisements displayed on Crookshanks Academy and the ads within the YouTube videos we embed.
- Any revenue generated from the advertisements on our website is used to support the costs of maintaining the site, creating new courses, and improving user experience.

**5. User Privacy:**
- We respect your privacy and do not share personally identifiable information with advertisers. For more details, please review our Privacy Policy.

**6. Feedback and Concerns:**
- If you have feedback about the advertisements you encounter on Crookshanks Academy or concerns about any ads, please feel free to contact our support team. We value your input and will strive to address any issues promptly.

Thank you for being a part of Crookshanks Academy. We hope this Ad Policy clarifies how advertisements are used on our site. Your passion for learning drives us to continually enhance your educational experience.


Dhruv Badaya
Founder, Crookshanks Academy


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